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Best skincare routine for damaged and sensitive post procedure skin

Post-procedure skin is especially sensitive and requires extra TLC. Dr. Kormeili has paired the best products the help heal and recovery post procedure.

best post procedure skincare according to LA top dermatologist

Step 1: Gentle cleanser

best gentle cleanser for post-procedure skin. face cleanser after chemical peel and laser

We love Refresh foaming cleanser, it's lightly scented, no nasty chemicals and perfect for post-procedure skin.

Step 2: Moisturizer

best moisturizer after chemical peel post procedure skin fraxel laser moisturizer
In Santa Monica, Dr. Kormeili, LA's top dermatologist, performs numerous chemical peels, and laser treatments. Post-procedure skin is dry and can be irritated by harsh chemicals. Recovery serum feels silky smooth and prevents dry, cracked skin.
Step 3: SPF
best spf after laser treatment best sunscreen after chemical peel
Needless to say, sun safety is even more critical after laser and chemical peel procedures. Use a zinc and titanium spf and reapply every 2 hours.